Are you experiencing issues using the Samsung remote? If you’re experiencing problems in issues with your Samsung remote control, do not panic. We’ll go over the most common issues that arise with Samsung remotes as well as the best way to resolve the issue. We’ll also go over how to reset the remote , and when necessary, swap the batteries.

What is a Samsung Remote Control?

An Samsung remote controls is to control the operation of a Samsung TV as well as DVD player and home theater system or any other compatible devices. It’s typically used to switch channels, alter the volume or gain access to other features, including pausing and playback.

Common Problems on Samsung Remote Controls

Sometimes an Samsung remote control may fail to function as it should due to a variety causes. Most common issues are:

* The remote cannot switch off or on the device.

* The remote cannot alter the channel.

* The remote cannot be able to control the volume.

* The remote cannot be able to access additional functions, like playback or pausing.

* The remote won’t respond to press-button presses.

Checking the Batteries

The first step to troubleshoot the issue with a Samsung remote is to examine the batteries. The remote needs 2 AAA batteries. In the event that batteries become not fully charged then the remote will not work properly. To test the batteries take them off the remote and then test the batteries using an instrument. If the batteries aren’t functioning properly then replace them with fresh ones.

Checking for Obstructions

Sometimes the Samsung remote control might not function as it should because of an obstruction. To find obstructions then point the remote towards the device and then press the button. If the device doesn’t respond, look for obstructions, like furniture or walls that could hinder the signal. If there is an obstruction remove the device and the obstruction away from the way.

Checking for Interference

Another problem that can be found could be the interference of other equipment for example, cell phones and cordless phones. To determine if there is interference, shut off all other devices that could be hindering the signal. If the remote does not function, try using the remote in a different area or at a different time of the day.

Resetting the Samsung Remote Control

If none of the previous methods have resolved the issue The second step would be to reset your Samsung remote controls. To achieve this, shut off the device, and then push and hold both the power button as well as the home button at the same time for 10 minutes. The remote will be reset and could solve any issues you’re having.


Troubleshooting troubleshooting a Samsung remote control is complicated however it doesn’t have to be. If you check the batteries, looking for obstructions, looking for interference, and then resetting the remote, you’ll be able to pinpoint and resolve any issues you are experiencing with the remote control. With a little patience and a bit of troubleshooting you will be able to get your Samsung remote control to work properly within a matter of minutes.

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