ANC Pharmacy Now Accepts Crypto Payments via Binance Pay in Ukraine


    Bullet Points
    – Ukrainian pharmacies are now accepting payments via Binance Pay
    – ANC Pharmacy, a major local chain, has partnered with Binance Ukraine to enable cryptocurrency payments
    – The new payment feature is initially being rolled out in Kyiv

    Ukraine is embracing cryptocurrency payments in the midst of the ongoing war with Russia, with one of the country’s major pharmacy chains now enabling payments via Binance Pay. ANC Pharmacy, one of the largest pharmacy chains in Ukraine, announced on Jan. 3 that it will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments through Binance Pay, a contactless crypto payment service. The move will allow ANC Pharmacy customers to make instant payments when purchasing pharmacy products online.

    ANC Pharmacy operates more than 1,000 pharmacies across Ukraine, in addition to its own online pharmacy service. Binance Pay payments will be available at ANC pharmacies, as well as ANC Pharmacy-operated stores like Kopiyka and Shara. According to the announcement, this makes ANC, Kopiyka and Shara the first pharmacies in Europe to accept cryptocurrency.

    The new payment feature will initially roll out in Kyiv and then expand to other areas in Ukraine. This is part of a larger trend of the country adopting cryptocurrency payments, with Binance and Ukraine’s central bank both looking to use blockchain technology to facilitate payments. The Ukrainian government is also actively encouraging the use of cryptocurrency by its citizens, with a recent draft bill proposing tax incentives for businesses that accept cryptocurrency payments.

    The recent partnership between ANC Pharmacy and Binance Ukraine is yet another sign of the country’s commitment to crypto adoption. With more and more businesses embracing digital payments, it’s clear that Ukraine is taking steps to make cryptocurrency payments a more viable option for its citizens.